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ibanez jpm 3

Rare Electric Guitar


this guitar presents very clean and though it does have several faults they are very small.

There's a light patch of fingernail scratching under the pickups, otherwise the face is perfect.

There are 2 small chips about 2mm each on the top side edge by the strap pin, probably caused by the clip lock, several small impressions with and edge bruises by the jack, and a few more tiny ones scattered around the side.

The neck is super clean except for some tiny impressions on the back around the 13th, and the headstock is flawless, plastic on the truss cover. Almost no fretwear besides a little dimple on the G string 2nd, and a touch of cosmo wear to the top front edges of the center saddles, with just a few very small pimples on the baseplate.

All in all a very clean playable P3.

It has a cliplock on it now but you can have it with original pins if you wish. 

contact us, if interested.

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