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black paisley telecaster

Rare Electric Guitar

 About the original black paisley telecaster information


By the time of the social phenomenon that was the Summer of Love (1967), the Telecaster was already famous and could be seen in the hands of the musicians at the centre of the movement.

Popularising the paisley pattern this youth movement had an impact on companies who then started creating products utilising the much-wanted psychedelic, flowery design. Fender themselves created Paisley Red ,black paisley telecaster and Blue Flower versions of the Telecaster in 1969, which was actually created by sticking paisley wallpaper to the guitar’s body.

Today’s paisley-patterned Fender guitars see a modern, more elegant black paisley telecaster, for a subtle but individual style. With the Fender Black Paisley Telecaster’s being part of the Factory Special Run (FSR) Series, this model is also severely limited, so you won’t find many others with the same guitar.

The make up of the black paisley telecaster is classic, time-honoured Tele. Joined to the traditional alder body is a maple neck; carved to a comfortable Modern “C” shape, which is topped by a maple fingerboard with 21 medium-jumbo frets and dot inlays. Of course the Fender Black Paisley Telecaster also features two single-coil pickups and 3-way selector switch.

All color of black paisley telecaster can be painted in our custom shop


If you cant find the color you want here, you can send us pics of the color you want and then we can customize it for you. The paint we can handle covers nearly all the colors and patterns, including some rare effect, and we will also try our best to seperately customize it for you as long as you want it.



All style can be made in our custom shop


This is a black paisley telecaster, and we can make this body style or others according to your demands. If you have any question, please email us and we are very glad to serve you!


Fully Customlizing your guitar to every detail part: if you have any specific requirements, such as wood, finish, bridge, pick-up structure, frets, string numbers, etc. or you want  to order the guitar according to your personalized requirements, then please fell free to contact us at any time, Rare custom shop will do everything to meet your requirements at the largest extent.  More details can be read in our custom shop section.




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