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Arm The Homeless Guitar For Sale

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Customed Made Arm The Homeless Guitar For Sale

Only $393.75



Arm The Homeless Guitar For Sale (About Owner)


Regarding Morello, he's famous for his guitar tone control and resourcefulness, and his ability to make use of numerous pedals and effects. His most well-known tune may be to get his guitar sound like a scratcher. In addition, Tom Morello consistently puts on a baseball cap in his guitar performance. And behind these features is his Arm the Homeless axe.


Arm The Homeless Guitar For Sale (About History)


One day Tom contacted the Performance Guitar USA company, and enquired them to custom build the Arm the Homeless electric guitar. Tom Morello was very disappointed with the instrument, testified that he acquired a dreadful instrument, and so he made a decision to re-assemble this axe. The reassemble led to the red and black Arm the Homeless fonts on the guitar body, a hammer-sickle symbol sticker, 4 hippos on the surface of the body and a huge hippo upon the backside of the electric guitar body. At the lower corner of the particular guitar it had been built with a 3-way switch (otherwise known as killswitch), a couple of volume control buttons and one tune button. Pickups are EMG brand, EMG81 in the neck and EMG85 in the bridge. Tom Morello also changed the neck using a Kramer style neck. Although nearly all sections of this instrument are changed numerous times, only the first blue body and the red and black text Arm the Homeless have never been replaced.

Arm The Homeless    Arm The Homeless Guitar

In 1979, the Performance Guitar USA owner, Kenny Sugai, explained that the original Arm the Homeless was using a fender Stratocaster body, Seymour Duncan JB pick-ups, Floyd Rose bridge, fender c-type neck, a unique aircraft switch mounted on 1 corner of it to guarantee its stability. In the same manner, alder body, rosewood fretboard, maple neck (they all are finest wood) and the unique truss rod, all these were to hold its steadiness under Morello's extreme brief taps.


Arm the Homeless has an exclusive line system allowing Tom Morello to switch up and down to get a snatchy sound, together with the heavy pedal system; the outcome is it sounds like from DJ Scratch, Farfisa organ or angry bees.


Arm The Homeless Guitar For Sale (About Meaning)


Arm the Homeless is Tom's most famous standard tune electric guitar since 1991. Tom also has several peculiar instruments like Soul Power, a custom Ibanez, a unusual looking Ovation, and so on. However Arm the Homeless is a permanent individual portray for Morello. Morello has his well-known review of this unique guitar, he explained he'd utilized a lot of guitars, however he'd merely 2 major electric guitars, Arm the Homeless was one of the two and Tom had changed it over a long time. This exposed how Tom Morello appreciates this guitar.


Why the Arm The Homeless guitar was signed with Arm the Homeless?


Why this guitar was initially signed with Arm the Homeless There's really no exact reason, however we know that Tom Morello is known as a leftist, and he, along with Serj Tankian, established a political group for the purpose to organize all musicians, music fans and grassroots political teams together in order to fight for social rights. I feel it's Morello's long insisted political thought, and Morello labeled this concept on his favorite guitar to prompt him constantly.


We replicated the original Arm The Homeless Guitar For Sale


Towards these functions we executed repeated research and duplicated the actual instrument. We installed on the 3-way switch (also referred to as killswitch).

 Arm the Homeless Replica    Arm The Homeless Killswitch


And we mounted on a Kramer syle guitar neck, exactly like Tom Morello has done after his repeatedly trying and enhancing!!

Tom Morello Arm the Homeless

Furthermore the wood choice is purely accordance with the original guitar, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, alder body (all by using top wood), and the unique steel truss rod. All are identical to the actual instrument.

Tom Morello Arm the Homeless Guitar


Arm the Homeless Guitar For Sale


Tom Morello Strat


Arm The Homeless Guitar For Sale (About Pickups)


There is no distinction between ours and the genuine guitar!! But we offer a lot more choices on pick-ups option, besides the initial EMG85 and EMG81 which we acquired for your requirements, Wilkinson pick-ups is really what we highly recommended due to the premium and affordable price. This can save you much cash!! The Wilkinson pick-ups with the exact same technical specs as EMG pickups are actually much less expensive than the latter!!


Arm The Homeless Guitar For Sale (About Colors)


You may have found with the pictures of our product that the color of our item is a bit different from Morello's authentic guitar, in this case we specially point out that we can easily make the identical light blue color for the guitar, but many of our previous customers wanted a deep blue or gray tone, so that we developed the dark blue and gray hue for them. If you want the light blue color just like the authentic guitar, then we are capable of meet your needs, undoubtedly!!

Arm the Homeless Blue  Arm the Homeless Silver


  The Specifications Of Our Custom Made Arm The Homeless Guitar For Sale 

Body Wood: Basswood
Neck Wood: Maple
Construction: Bolt-on
Fretboard: Rosewood
Inlays: Dot Inlays
Scale Length: 25.5"
Frets: 22
Pickups: 2 Wilkinson Humbuckers
Switch: 1 Killswitch
Controls: 2 Volume, 1 Tone
Headstock: Kramer Style
Bridge: Licenced Floyd Rose Tremolo
Hardware: Black Finish
Finish: Blue w/ Hippo Graphic
Strings: D'Addario


Since our items are low-volume production, the cost, compared to customized instruments, is more affordable. However the supply is limited. Should you really like this particular Arm The Homeless Guitar guitar, please take the opportunity to make contact with us instantly.

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