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talylor t3 for sale

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talylor t3 for sale

Taylor guitars have long been synonymous with excellence in the acoustic guitar realm but as well as being excited by the prospect of borrowing one of their beautiful guitars I was feeling ambivalent as to which model to choose, simply because I like them all. However, after considering that on this tour I already had an acoustic guitar, I decided to try one of the recent electric additions to the Taylor's family and after perusing their website, my attention and imagination were immediately grabbed - for its looks, its specifications and its tonal potential - by the Taylor T3, which comes in two models: with a Bigsby tailpiece (T3/B) or a roller bridge stop-centred tailpiece. I went for the latter.

The T3 is a semi-hollow bodied electric guitar, because while the outer parts of its bouts are hollowed, it features a solid centre block strip, in line with the fretboard, making this guitar very resonant. The guitar is well balanced in terms of weight as well as sound. Its sapele 'C' shaped profile neck (1 11/16" wide at nut), and its wide and precise frets, make this model a very easy one to play, as you would expect from any Taylor guitar - it's part of how Bob Taylor made his reputation, of course, designing wonderful-sounding acoustic guitars that were easier to play than those of many other makers. This general ease of playing is also supported by the T3's Venetian cutaway, which makes it easy to navigate all 21 frets.

This guitar features a single-bolt T-Lock neck joint, whereby the neck is screwed to the guitar body via an Allen key. While this is a bolt-on neck, it feels and looks like a set-neck. The design results in a very low action straight from its case, and it's an action that is not likely to drift. If it does, it will be an easy thing to rectify, thanks to its two-way truss rod. The owner of this guitar will also benefit from the Taylor lifetime manufacturer's warranty. The fact that Taylor offers this warranty highlights their confidence in the quality of their products.

The T3, like all Taylor's electric models, also features a unique tone circuit, which can boost the mid-range when rolled off, generating a tone similar to a wah wah pedal set to the halfway mark. I noticed this straight away in my first sound check, as I went straight to the PA via an Avalon pre-amp that I was using for my acoustic, as recommended by our renowned sound engineer, Chris Morrison. This setting (without an amp) works on an arch-top guitar for a warm jazzy tone and, in fact, the sound was amazing! I was able to get a wide range of tonal possibilities, simply by tweaking the pickup switch and the control knobs. The sound engineer and the MD were so impressed that we decided to use the T3 to play 'From Newport To London', (title track of Basia's latest CD), which I had originally recorded on an arch-top guitar.

The looks of this guitar are as versatile as its sound, as it would look and sound just as great at a Rock concert as a Jazz gig, due to the clever combination of modern looks and technology, tinged with classy 'old school' nuances. That make the T3 ideal for guitarists who, like me, play both electric and acoustic guitar in a variety of styles, as with a flick of a switch this axe can sing with a screaming Rock tone, or produce a sweet, mellow and rich Jazz tone. Its natural acoustic sound is quite unique too.

The Taylor T3 isn't a cheap guitar but it is a unique and thoroughly professional one that I have no hesitation in awarding our joint highest ever rating!

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