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baseball bat guitar

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baseball bat guitar

I’ve had a couple of custom guitars made by a guy up in Santa Barbara. His name is Philip Kubicki; he worked for a long time at Fender. I asked him one day about making a baseball bat guitar. He loved the idea.

He had to figure out how to conceal the tuners and make it look real. One of the more interesting things is that it’s got the real Louisville Slugger stamp on it. He actually contacted Bradsby & Hillerich — or is it the other way around? — and used their stamp on the guitar."

John Fogerty comments, "That guitar means a lot to me. It's symbolizes two of my great loves, baseball and the guitar. When 'Centerfield' came out, it was after a long break and was such an important album to me on many levels. The lessons of baseball - the hits, the misses, the triumphs, and the losses - were something that I could really relate to in my life. So I got this idea to make a baseball bat guitar and of course, it had to be a Louisville Slugger. Well, there's nothing else like it in the world, and I think 'Slugger' will be happy at the Baseball Hall of Fame. "

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