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marc bolan les paul for sale

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marc bolan  les paul for sale

With his glam-rock looks and pop-metal hooks, Marc Bolan led his band T. Rex into the stratosphere in the late 60s and early 70s, and his customized Gibson Les Paul was the fuel that propelled it all skyward. Dressed in a simplicity that gave them a broad and infectious appeal, songs like "Ride a White Swan," "Get It On (Bang a Gong)," "Jeepster," "Metal Guru," "Children of the Revolution" and "20th Century Boy" were laced through with addictive riffs and crunching rhythm guitar that sounded consistently massive–and hooked burgeoning metal-heads and teeny-boppers alike. Bolans star burned out far too soon when he died in a car accident in Southwest London in 1977 shortly before his 30th birthday, but his music and its influence have remained strong over the intervening decades.

To honor this stars legacy, Gibson Custom introduces the Gibson Marc Bolan Les Paul , a detailed recreation of the much-modified Les Paul that accompanied Bolan throughout the height of his career. With its replacement Custom Model neck and headstock (added to Bolans late-50s Les Paul when its original neck was broken in the early 70s), un-covered humbucking pickups including zebra-coil neck unit, and stripped "Bolan Chablis" finish, the Marc Bolan Les Paul is the spitting image of the iconic original. Add in its superior neck and body tonewoods, period-correct design and construction, and accurate PAF-style humbucking pickups, and this great Artist Model also nails the meaty, rich tone of its legendary inspiration.

The Gibson Les Paul Marc Bolan Aged will be produced in a strictly limited run, including 100 hand Aged guitars. Each will include an Artist Model Certificate of Authenticity, a plush-lined hardshell case, a vintage replica guitar strap, and owners and warranty literature.


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