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brent mason prs

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brent mason prs

This PRS Brent Mason is finished in a simple and bold Vintage Cherry finish. The body is made of korina, which is a very responsive wood that's recently been gaining some renewed popularity in the guitar world. You'll notice that the shape is different than other PRS models, but it's just as comfortable as any. And no, you're not seeing things - this PRS has a bolt-on maple neck. The Pattern neck carve is fast and comfortable everywhere. Electronically, this guitar has enough tonal options to keep you busy for years.

There is a Brent Mason custom wound 408 bridge pickup, a 305 middle pickup and a 408 in the neck. The coil tap for the bridge and neck pickups doesn't change the volume at all, so you can use it mid-song. The PRS Phase III Locking Tuners and PRS Tremolo ensure tuning stability and precision no matter what. All of these features make for a successful fusion of PRS craftsmanship and great American twang. This guitar is a brand new model for 2013, and there aren't many of them floating around yet.


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