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dickey betts sg copy

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                     dickey betts sg copy

Dickey Betts SG is one of the most storied guitars in rock and roll history, the 1961/62 Gibson SG Standard given to Duane Allman by Dickey Betts during their playing days together, is an instrument of near-mythic proportions. Betts gifted Allman an SG so he didn’t have to wait while Duane re-tuned. Instead Allman could switch between the 1961/62 Gibson SG Standard and one of his Les Pauls. This guitar has long been feted as an iconic road warrior, and a classic tone machine. It offers the sublime tone and playing feel that these guitars are known for, with the looks of a hard-working legend.

The body of the Dickey Betts “From One Brother to Another” SG is constructed from one piece of genuine mahogany, carved to the historically accurate early ’60s SG shape with dual asymmetrical horns and beveled edges. A deep-set glued-in neck is carved from one piece of superior quarter-sawn mahogany and topped with a rosewood fingerboard with 22 “banjo frets” like the original.

All examples are finished in genuine hand-sprayed nitrocellulose lacquer in Vintage Red; 75 of these will be meticulously hand aged to match the look of the original guitar, while a further 250 will be treated to Gibson Custom’s acclaimed VOS process, which exhibits the look of a gently aged and faded instrument. Details of the hand aging include the extreme fading and minor wear on the top of the SG, the ageing of all hardware and plastics, and considerable wear to the back of the neck, with minor dings and large patches of finish missing do to the heavy playing time this guitar experienced. All in all, the Dickey Betts “From One Brother to Another” SG accurately embodies the look and feel of the original 1961/62 SG given to Allman by Betts.

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