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Gretsch 6125 copy

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Gretsch 6125 copy

1959 Gretsch 6125 Anniversary Model.
This very rare and totally original "Two-Tone Smoke Green" Single Anniversary weighs just 6.80 lbs. and has a wide nut width of just under 1 3/4 inches and a scale length of 24 1/2 inches.

Sixteen inch wide, two and three-quarters inch thick, double-bound laminated maple body with two unbound f-holes. Three-piece maple neck, unbound ebony fretboard with 21 original thin frets and neoclassic inlaid pearl half-moon (thumbprint) position markers. Black-faced headstock with inlaid pearl Gretsch "T-roof" logo and "Anniversary Model" plaque with
'glistening' diamond.

Individual Grover StaTite open-back tuners with oval metal buttons and octagonal bushings. One Gretsch 'Pat Applied For' Filter'Tron humbucking pickup with a silver iucite surround an output of 4.20k. Green Lucite pickguard with Gretsch "T-roof" logo in relief in white. One volume control on upper treble bout and one three-way tone selector switch on upper bass bout. Chrome-plated "Arrow-through-G" with knurled sides.

Six-saddle Space Control bridge on ebony base and "G-hole flat" tailpiece. This guitar is in near mint (9.25) condition with just a few very tiny surface marks and a minute amount of 'binding' separation on the back treble-waist. There is virtually no wear to the original frets - this guitar has spent 99.9% of its life in its case. Housed in the original Gretsch two-tone gray
hardshell case with maroon plush lining (9.00). With the original black leather guitar strap and green Gretsch Quality Control Dept OK card.

If you are interested in this Gretsch 6125 copy guitar , we can also customize A similar one for you at  only $300 or $400 around ,and you just need pay $5-$10 deposite first, then just feel free to email us !






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