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                                   SUHR STANDARD

Essentially a scaled down version of the Classic, the Standard takes on its own unique identity with an optional figured top, crisp body contours and a side input jack. The Standard is capable of producing a wide range of tones from vintage chime to modern crunch.

Designed for players wanting traditional classic sounds with added versatility, the Standard can be equipped for nearly any occasion.

Standard Carve Top
A deluxe version of the Standard with the addition of a stunning ¾” carved Maple top. The thickness of the Maple top adds brilliance and punch to the tone.
Standard Arch Top
A deluxe version of the Standard with the addition of a tuned 3/4” carved top laid on a chambered body. This option produces a warm, mellow tone, well suited to jazz.


If you like these SUHR STANDARD guitars , we can also customize A similar one for you at  only $300 or $400 around for each ,and you just need pay $5-$10 deposite first, then just feel free to email us if you are interested in !



















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