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PETE TOWNSHEND Telecaster for sale

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 PETE TOWNSHEND Telecaster for sale

Pete Townshend owns or owned at least two 1952 vintage Fender Telecasters, which he used on Empty Glass and Face Dances. According to Frank Lucido, Pete acquired the primary model from Frank’s vintage guitar store California

Pete also used a 1952 Telecaster onstage for solo appearances from 1986 through 1997.
Pete Townshend in 1982 (from 1983 Schecter advertisement):
“My favourite guitar is a rare and expensive ’52 Telecaster.”
From Guitar Player, August 1996

I’m standing up there at the shows that I’m doing, and I’m carrying this ’52 Telecaster. It’s a California guitar. It’s a masterpiece. Thank God for America. Thank God for Leo, it’s a beautiful guitar. I play it like a chainsaw, and it’s still beautiful. This is a perfectly good guitar. Somebody said to me the other night, “Smash it.”

Pete Townshend’s Brown Schecter Telecaster

Pete Townshend’s Blue Schecter Telecaster

Pete Townshend’s Roger Giffin Telecaster


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