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The D-18 Dreadnought features a sleek, modern High Performance Neck for enhanced playability. The D-18 adds a Sitka spruce top to the mahogany back and sides. Perfect for the intermediate and advanced player.
The Martin D-18 is a masterpiece of steel-string acoustic guitar design, a modern classic descended from the earliest dreadnought models which Martin first developed almost a century ago.

Today, the Martin D-18 is a mainstay of the company’s product line, along with dreadnought siblings like the D-28, D-35 and top-of-the-line D-45. While the D-18 sports less ornamentation than the others, (the higher the model number, the more ornate the inlays, binding and other appointments), it is by no means a lesser guitar. It features a back and sides of mahogany, as opposed to the rosewood found on most versions of the other models, which imparts its own, unique tonal characteristics, resulting in a somewhat brighter sound, well-suited for fingerpicking and playing leads.

Martin offers several variations, including the standard D-18 with a solid Sitka spruce top; the Retro D-18, based on the iconic pre-war models and loaded with Fishman electronics for amplified picking; the D-18 1937, which features period-correct materials and construction methods, right down to the hide glue;
Whatever your playing style, it can only be enhanced when you play the best guitars available. Martin originated the dreadnought design and perfected it, and the D-18 is a prime example of their years of fine craftsmanship and commitment to quality. Order your Martin D-18 today and own a masterpiec




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