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Gibson Ren Ferguson Master Museum FOR SALE

                           Gibson Ren Ferguson Master Museum FOR SALE

This is a Masterpiece that doesn't know its equal. All of them Unique and all made by  Gibson Master Luthier Ren Ferguson. From the mid 90s on they were called "master museum' Guitars, and i believe they are considered the rarest flattop guitars ever made. Most of them are of course tied up in collections.

The famous Pirates of the Carribean guitar, now owned by Johnny Depp.  and also carved and designed by Ren Ferguson is estimated in value $100000, Designed and Constructed by Master Luthier Ren Ferguson this is a a museum piece that doesn't find an equal anywhere. Innitially priced at 64.000 DM(German DM) back in 1994, it traveled the world, Been to the Namm and To Frankfurts Messe, before it sold to the Current owner.

It features Mastergrade Quilt Flamed Hawaiian Koa on back and sides, Premium Spruce top, a 15 piece(!) laminated and unique mastermade mahogany neck i never seen on another Gibson ever before, multiple bound body with Pau Abalone top trime, batwing style CL50 supreme Pickguard with Butterfly Mother of Pearl inlay, Multiple Bound Neck holding a tree of life that is so detailed i keep on finding new details every time i look at it, all kind of Pearl and abalone are use, any color running from white pearl to pink, to blue, with small inlaid Butterfly's swarming all over the fingerboard, a mastepiece of its own.

 The same goes for the extensive and most beatuful bound headstock, Several types of white pearl bringing perspective to the wings of the two butterfly's, the center consists of Blue and Pink abalone. Both the Headstock and the Neck are holding a Pau abalone trim. Except for the typical Gibson laquerresidue near the bridge, this guitar is in Near Mint condition and comes in it's original Case.


If you like this Gibson Ren Ferguson Master Museum FOR SALE guitar, we can also customize A similar one for you at  only $300 or $400 around, and you just need pay $5-$10 deposite first.

Then just feel free to email us if you are interested in !

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