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Juan Miguel Carmona Pierre Bensusan Signature Guitar FORsale

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Juan Miguel Carmona Pierre Bensusan Signature Guitar FOR SALE

This guitar was made and designed for Pierre by Spanish luthier from Granada, Juan Miguel Carmona. Born in Granada in 1960, Juan Miguel Carmona has learnt luthery under the guidance of renown Granadin guitarero Rafael Moreno. He took over his father's workshop and started to make his own guitars in 1987.  He grew up in the right atmosphere. Considered to be one of the best of his generation, several well known artists play on his instruments (Ketama, Pepe Habichuela, Tomatito, and now Pierre Bensusan).

The first Bensusan-Carmona Signature Models were delivered in April 2003. Although Juan Miguel makes both Flamenco and Classical nylon strings, the Bensusan-Carmona Signature is not a classical, nor a Flamenco but somewhere in between. The neck is not as wide as on a classical and closer to what steel string guitarists are used to. The sound, the touch, the look are all that Pierre hoped of.

- Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood, 3 piece back (Center piece: Ebony)
- Top: Honduras Cedar
- Neck: Honduras Cedar
- Fingerboard: Ebony
- Brazilian Rosewood rosette and bridge
- Ebony head veneer on front and back
- Ebony edges
- Black, white and green purflings
- Glossy lacquer finish
- Cutaway
- Transparent clear plastic pick guard

DIMENSIONS (in millimeters):
- Overall length of the guitar: 990 mm
- Length of the body: 485 mm (507 mm to the end of the heel)
- Length of the neck (from sound board to bridge side of the nut): 442 mm
- Length of the headstock: 170 mm
- Scale length: 652 mm
- Lower bout: 368 mm (wide)
- Upper bout: 272 mm
- Width of the neck at the nut: 52 mm
- Width of the neck at the 12th fret: 62 mm
- Spacing between 6th and 1st string (at saddle): 55,5 mm
- Spacing between each string: 11 mm
- Depth of the body at the heel: 85 mm
- Depth of the body at the bottom: 93 mm
- Soundhole diameter: 90 mm
- Number of frets: 21/20
- Bridge length: 103 mm
- Saddle length: 83 mm


If you like this Juan Miguel Carmona Pierre Bensusan Signature  Guitar FOR SALE guitar, we can also customize A similar one for you at  only $300 or $400 around, and you just need pay $5-$10 deposite first.

Then just feel free to email us if you are interested in !




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