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Our relic guitars, bodies and necks are finished with period correct nitro-cellulose lacquers. These lacquers are believed to be the most beneficial for the tone of the instrument. The finish is light and therefore the whole guitar will resonate much better than modern finishes. However these finishes are very delicate and are prone to fading and damage. That is why so many vintage guitars looked 'aged' or 'reliced'.


Our finishes replicate years of playing wear on the finish and give our guitars that 'played in' look. We lightly sand and oil and roll the frets to to give our necks superb comfort and playability.


We have 3 ageing or reliced finishes:

1, Unworn Finish - These guitars are very very lightly aged with just a number of small dings and laquer chips to replicate a guitar that was used but well cared for. The necks have very little playing wear.

2, Careworn Finish - These guitars are given a light relic treatment with dings, scratches and paint fading/wear. Necks are lightly reliced in the most common playing areas.

3, Wellworn Finish - These guitars are given the full road warrior relic treatment! Used but not abused! All the hardware may look old but does not affect playability. These guitar have more dings, scratches and paint wear and replicate a guitar that has seen a lot of life on the touring road. Necks are aged and stained with lots of playing wear.


We can do custom finishes with a mix of our above finish options. Please email for requirements. Whatever choice you make you will get an amazing quality guitar for a fraction of the cost of a US custom or real vintage guitar!

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