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Kramer Guitars 84 Baretta Red

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 Kramer Guitars 84 Baretta Red Introduction and Specs


The classic reborn! One of the most iconic kramer baretta 1984 guitars in history is back! It's Maple body and neck have been updated with accessible truss rod adjustment at the heel (No more taking the neck off like some of those other guys!). Kramer Guitars 84 Baretta Red retains the 84’s sought after profile and 22 fret, 12” radius neck. The single USA Seymour Duncan humbucker is 4 lead with series/parallel coil tapping on the push/pull volume control and features a .002mf capacitor volume bleed on its audio taper potentiometer. The Kramer Guitars 84 Baretta Red is loaded with the Floyd Rose locking system for excellent stability and dives with reliability that won’t break the bank.


Market price:$1380.00







Kramer Guitars 84 Baretta Red Specs


Colour: Red

Body: Maple

Top: None

Neck: Maple

Fretboard: Maple

Frets: 22

Scale: 628 thomann mm

Pickups: H

Tremolo: FR-Style

incl. Bag: No

incl. Case: No








I was greatly impressed upon receiving this Kramer Guitars 84 Baretta Red guiar. Kramer baretta 1984 has an almost too good to be true spec for the thomann price. Seymour Duncan, 1000-series Floyd Rose,kramer baretta bullseye,kramer baretta van halen etc.It has a decent sized neck profile and the fret job was immaculate. All hardware works solidly and the paint work looks great. Being all maple construction it is fairly weighty, although the diminutive body shape means it's still comfortable thomann on a strap.Overall a fantastic Kramer Guitars 84 Baretta Red guitar for the price that is sure to get you into EVH, 80's Hair-metal territory for less than the price than an original Kramer (if you can find one kramer 1984 baretta).



A variety of optional color


As for this Kramer Guitars 84 Baretta Red,we also have a variety of colors for you to choose.If you cant find the color you want here, you can send us pics of the color you want and then we can customize it for you. The paint we can handle covers nearly all the colors and patterns, including some rare effect, and we will also try our best to seperately customize it for you as long as you want it.






Kramer Guitars 84 Baretta Red Shape Style


This guitar belongs to the Kramer Guitars 84 Baretta Red style,we can customize all body styles for you. If you have any question, please email us and we are very glad to serve you!


Fully Customlizing your guitar to every detail part: if you have any specific requirements, such as wood, finish, bridge, pick-up structure, frets, string numbers, etc. or you want  to order the guitar according to your personalized requirements, then please fell free to contact us at any time, Rare custom shop will do everything to meet your requirements at the largest extent.  More details can be read in our custom shop section.





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