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American Showster Biker TD

Rare Electric Guitar

About the Andreas Shark Guitar Specs:


Model: Biker TD

Year: 1999

Color: Candy Apple Red
Body: Alder
Top: Alder
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Rosewood
Pickups: Three American Showster Single Coil
Description: Cool foreign reissue of the classic 80s oddball whose body was meant to resemble a Harley fuel tank. Some have said the body shape and bright red paint job strongly resemble a famous tongue incorporated in a certain rock band's logo.

Story Behind The American Showster Biker TD Guitar:

This guitar features super high end solid body built by Austrian luthier Andreas Pilcher featuring a very rare Western Larch Neck and an aluminum neck. Now defunct, the Shark was his top-of-the-line electric.

So this guitar is very rare and discontinued.
This guitar can be custom made by us, if you have any question, pls cotact us.


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