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The Legendary of Fender Stratocaster Rosewood Guitar
It is a familiar story. In the late 1960s, Fender’s R&D department was looking to produce some new guitar designs and options that they could have well-known musicians endorse and prominently use. Something different, something great sounding, something special. Thus, the Fender Stratocaster Rosewood guitars were born. Fender decided to build two prototypes of an all-rosewood Telecaster and an all stratocaster rosewood guitar. When completed, Fender would present the best of the two Telecasters to George Harrison of The Beatles and the best of the two stratocaster rosewood Guitars to Jimi Hendrix. Fender would fly them to Harrison and Hendrix in England. The legend says that each guitar had its own seat on the airliner. How cool is that? Unfortunately, the legend is not always the reality. Fender DID get George Harrison’s Telecaster to him in early 1969. He used it on the Beatle albums Abbey Road and Let it Be. And in the Let it Be movie, Harrison uses it in the studio and on the rooftop concert at Apple Records. Actually, that is kinda legendary, isn’t it?
We know this.Phillip Kubicki — who worked on both the George Harrison rosewood Telecaster and the Fender Stratocaster Rosewood Guitar — says that the Jimi Hendrix stratocaster rosewood was actually completed in April 1970, only a few months before Hendrix died .And apparently, Jimi never got to play the stratocaster rosewood guitar that was made especially for him. But there is one well-documented photo of the Jimi Hendrix Fender Stratocaster Rosewood Guitar.
The real stratocaster rosewood guitar made for Jimi Hendrix. Complete with large CBS-era headstock and ashtray bridge cover.
The real Fender Stratocaster Rosewood Guitar made for Jimi Hendrix. Complete with large CBS-era headstock and ashtray bridge cover. Other folks have asked why it was a right-handed stratocaster rosewood guitar, since Jimi Hendrix was left-handed. Since Fender built it especially for Jimi, why didn’t they build him a left-handed stratocaster rosewood guitar version? Is there anybody who know this? Pls email us the story, thanks!

Why we built this All Rosewood Stratocaster Guitar?


Reason 1: Just to meet Mr John's Request


Reason 2: This stratocaster rosewood Guitar was discontinued! But you can find the Fender Japan's gorgeous 1980s replica of All Rosewood Stratocaster Guitar on eBay every now and then, so there are a few out there for sale.Just not Jimi’s.

Reason 3: Just Tribute, This beautiful collectible hendrix Fender Stratocaster Rosewood guitar is a MUST for all fans and music lovers!  Great idea for gifts! 


Why buy this Fender Stratocaster Rosewood Guitar from us?


Key point 1: Same


We built This stratocaster rosewood Guitar completely according to the guitar design drawing, to ensure the accuracy of the body shape, neck shape and other plates’ shape on guitar, as well as every part’s position, not only by pics in your hands, you also have to pay lots of attention to details and handle the details for a good luthier, We provide only the best quality of guitars to our customers. Every guitar is carefully handcrafted by talented artists to its supreme details.  So this hendrix rosewood strat guitar looks exactly like the original Fender Stratocaster Rosewood Guitar. 


Many people think stratocaster is the easiest to be made, but in fact, something you think easy by appearance, which is hard to do on the contrary, just like stratocaster.



Specs of this Fender Stratocaster Rosewood Guitar


Body woodRosewood, Headstock wood: Rosewood

Construction: Bolt on, Fretboard: Rosewood

Inlays: Dot Inlays, Scale Length: 25.5"

Frets: 21, Pickups: SSS

Controls: 1 Volume,2 Tone, 5 Way Switch

Bridge: Strat style bridge, Finish: Gloss

String: D'Addario, Hardware : Chrome Hardware



Key point 2: Cheap


In fact, we didn't find the original Fender Stratocaster Rosewood Guitar price, because it was discontinued, but if you buy from other custom shop, which will be $$$$!!!!

But our price is only $$$, please contact for the specific price, because there will be some differences if you want to do some changes on this Fender Stratocaster Rosewood Guitar.


Key point 3: High Quality


The best guitar deserve the best guitar stand! We provide the best quality of stand to enhance the beauty of the guitar presentation. Every stands are made from high quality wood and metal to replicate the original guitar stand.


Key point 4: We can modify the parts you don't like on this Fender Stratocaster Rosewood Guitar.


You don't like the original stratocaster rosewood guitar wood, Ok, let us change!

You don't like the original stratocaster rosewood guitar set up, Ok, let us change!

You don't like the original stratocaster rosewood guitar color, Ok, let us change!

You don't like the original stratocaster rosewood guitar ........., Ok, let us change!


Another famous rosewood guitar used by George Harrison, which can be ordered from our custom shop!


 George Harrison Telecaster Rosewood



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