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Mosrite Ventures Model Electric Guitar

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Why A Mosrite Is Special?



''The Ventures – the quintessential guitar combo of the pre-Beatles era -influenced not only styles, but also a generation’s choice of instruments'' (Guitar Player, Jan. 1987).

The Mosrite Ventures Model Electric Guitar was the result of a deal made between Mosrite founder, Semie Moseley and surf-rock band, The Ventures. Moseley built the Ventures guitars from 1963 until 1967 when his arrangement with The Ventures ended. The Ventures guitar is characterized by a slim neck, high-output pickups, and its unique double cutaway body shape. Moseley also incorporated innovative vibrato systems into many of his designs including the “vibramute” of the mid-’60s. While the Mosrite brand and Venture guitar have been reintroduced at different points since, the original generation from the ‘60s are by far the most collectable.


Body Style: Double cutaway

Design Elements: Bolt-on neck, dot inlays, vibra-mute tremolo system, 24 1/2-inch scale, Rosewood fingerboard, chrome plated control knobs.

Notable Players: Johnny Ramone, Kurt Cobain, The Ventures, Pat Smear


This Mosrite Ventures Model Electric Guitar is a great piece for any Mosrite aficionado, or anyone who wants to add something awesome and quirky to their collection. Though pictures and specs above are the Original's, we can build the Mosrite copies for many guitar players now, and supply custom services for the guitar, it will be 100% handmade by our highly skilled craftsman! Based on the original guitar but much lower priced, better email us now to get yours. 

Why we want to build this Mosrite Ventures Model Electric Guitar?


Reason 1: Build for our customers who order this guitar from us!

Reason 2: The market for Mosrite guitars is very small, and the original Mosrite Ventures Model Electric Guitar is very expensive

Reason 3: Just Tribute. This beautiful collectible Mosrite Ventures Model Electric Guitar is a MUST for all fans and music lovers! Great idea for gifts! 


Why buy this Mosrite Ventures Model Electric Guitar from us?


Key point 1: Same


We will build this Mosrite Ventures Model Electric Guitar completely according to the guitar design drawing, to ensure the accuracy of the body shape, neck shape and other plates' shape on guitar, as well as every part's position, not only by pictures in your hands, you also have to pay lots of attention to details and handle the details for a good luthier. We provide only the best quality of guitars to our customers. Every guitar is carefully handcrafted by talented artists to its supreme details. So the Mosrite Ventures Model Electric Guitar will look like the original.


For example, below are basic plan drawing and specs of the Mosrite The Ventures Guitar we made, listed here for reference. 

This guitar is also Available from us:

Body woodBasswood

Neck wood: 2-Piece Maple

Fretboard: Bound Rosewood

Construction: Bolt On

Inlays: Micro Dot Inlays

Frets: 22, Scale Length: 24 3/4", Pickups: S/S

Bridge/Tailpiece: TOM Bridge, Bigsby Tailpiece 

Controls: 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 1 3-Way Toggle Switch

Finish: Sunburst

String: D'Addario, Hardware Color: Chrome


More actual photos of our Mosrite The Ventures Guitar to show you the details






Key point 2: Low Price


Our guitar has very high cost performance ratio. All our guitars are 100% Hand-made by our highly skilled craftsman. And our price is only $$$only a quarter of other custom shop price or even cheaper. It is the lowest price you ever find to customize a guitar. Please contact us for the specific price to build the Mosrite Ventures Model Electric Guitar.


Key point 3: High Quality


The best guitar deserve the best guitar stand! We provide the best quality of stand to enhance the beauty of the guitar presentation. Every stands are made from high quality wood and metal to replicate the original guitar stand.


Key point 4: We can modify the parts you don't like on this Mosrite Ventures Model Electric Guitar.


You don't like the original guitar wood, Ok, let us change!

You don't like the original guitar set up, Ok, let us change!

You don't like the original guitar color, Ok, let us change!

You don't like the original guitar ........., Ok, let us change!


If you - our future customer like to customize a Mosrite Ventures Model Electric Guitar with your own features, never hesitate to send us, we would like to make as you want!





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