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Prince Purple Rain Mimic Show Competition

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Prince Purple Rain Mimic Show Competition!
Singer and songwriter Prince performs onstage during his Purple Rain Tour in 1984. The artist, who pioneered "the Minneapolis sound" and took on the music industry in his fight for creative freedom, died Thursday, April 21, at age 57. 
Mourners from the singer's inner circle and fans from far and wide are remembering him four days after the 57-year-old musician was found dead inside an elevator at his Paisley Park Studios. His death Thursday came about a week after his private plane made an emergency landing in Illinois. Many of our customers whose music career was inspired by Prince feel so sorrowful and order many Prince’s guitars from us to leave themselves a good memory. 
So we are here to call on all our clients who have ordered guitars from Rare to participate a Prince Purple Rain Mimic Show Competition. All the artiest across the world would play guitars and sing Prince’s Purple Rain and shoot a video of their own to tribute to Prince. Each person who takes part in this activity and repost this page on your own Facebook and Twitter will get a coupon of $50. And finally, we will hold a competition to choose the best perform video here, the winner who enjoys the most votes will receive $600 cash from us! 
You can simply send us your perform video to our email address
Come on and join this memorable event!


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