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Warren DeMartini Crossed Swords Guitar replica

Warren DeMartini Crossed Swords Guitar replica

This guitar is built by Japanese and Korea luthiers, it is with excellent quality and reasonable price. You can choose from all kinds of finish, wood and hardware. Left handed is also available!

This is a customized guitar, it was made according to our customer's requests, if you don't like the settings of this guitar, and want a personalized body shape, finish, logo, woods or hardware, please email us to place the order.


Our Custom Made Warren DeMartini Crossed Swords Guitar replica


Our replicated "Crossed Swords"
Body wood
Alder,  NO pickguard
Neck wood
Dot Inlays
Scale Length           
1 Humbucker
1 Volume Knobs
Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo
Dan Lawrence "Crossed Swords" Grapic
Black Hardware



About Warren DeMartini


Warren Justin DeMartini (born April 10, 1963), nicknamed Torch, is the lead guitarist for Ratt, a popular American band during the mid-to-late 1980s Los Angeles glam metal scene. By 1979, he played his first concert in front of a small crowd at San Diego's La Jolla High School. By this time he was emerging as one of the San Diego area's most talented and sought-after young guitar players, winning the Guitar Center contest in Mira Mesa the year he signed up.
He graduated from high school in 1981. DeMartini began taking classes at a local college, but in the first semester was invited up to Los Angeles to join Mickey Ratt; the band that would eventually become the highly successful 1980s metal band, Ratt.
DeMartini has often been praised for his technique and ability. Website Xtreme Musician labeled him as one of the most under-rated guitarists of his era. Warren’s precise touch and fluid, melodic style distinguish him from anyone else.



The Warren DeMartini Guitar--- “Crossed Swords”


The Warren DeMartini Signature San Dimas Models were designed to the Ratt guitarist's demanding specifications and built to be no-nonsense, high-performance tone machines. The Warren DeMartini consists of three guitars with the same basic platform, but three different graphics to choose from. The platform is an Alder body and the bolt-on neck is maple with 22 jumbo frets. The alder through the Marshall gives his sound that characteristic upper-mid honkiness. (You can rest assured that, our replicated guitar is featured maple neck and fingerboard, alder body.)




It has a signature, custom-designed pickup controlled by a single volume knob. (Our replicated “Cross Swords” is featured floyd rose special and 1 volume control.)



Our Replicate Crossed Swords Guitar


Top quality finish is what gives “Cross Swords” its expensive look and totally great feel while playing. This guitar is definitely worth keeping. As is well-known, Warren French guitar was all the rage then in the world. Warren once used the crossed swords on Invasion and performs wonderful. So as a result, most of his fans bear in mind constantly about the unique guitar. But it is too difficult to find. However, it’s such a charming and distinctive guitar that many Warren’s fans aspire to see the guitar again. They thought the guitar is a nice way to pay tribute to the past and their idol--- Warren DeMartini.


Thus, we make every effort to replicate the masterpiece to meet millions of Warren’s fans demands. We bought professional drawings and meticulously studied this electric guitar, thus we can grasp every details of processing technique. We have accumulated rich experience by continuous study and creation. So all our guitars are flawless when it comes to craftmanship. Besides, they are absolutly 100% hand-mades. Our replicated guitar is completely built and assembled by highly skilled craftsman using the best parts & wood selection (All with top wood). Hardware is no exception; it is carefully chosen and will last you for a long time.



In a word, our replica guitars are quality assured and cost-effective and we believe you will be fond of the masterpiece. 



The picture above shows the original Crossed Swords specifications. As you can see, our replicated guitar is nearly the same as the original one. In conclusion, we promise that the guitar is with excellent quality and reasonable price.


The “Cross Swords” will perform well in any imaginable situation, and will stand the test of time, if you take the usual care of your instrument. Handling and playing this kind of guitar is a pure joy as it stays in tune 90% of the time, regardless of the level of usage. If you are interested in our replicated Warren DeMartini “Cross Swords”, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Pictures in our website are limited, and if more HD pictures needed, please email us. We will serve for you with all sincerity.

Aiming to build your dream guitar!

If  you don’t like the guitar above and you want a guitar dreamed for so long,what to do? It’s so easy,please send the picture and the parameters of the guitar you want.We only need Pics and specs, and we can make the guitar same with your original guitar. You wonder learn Why? Pls click here to find the answer. Send your dream guitar pics and specs to us, let us make it come true together.
All the guitars we built are based on our customers’ requests. There are so many different options for you to choose if you don’t want a standard one, you can check our custom shop for the details. The best way to go about obtaining this information for you is to contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. We can discuss these options and figure out what is the best for you. Your business is important to us and we want to provide you with the best customer service we are capable of. We want this to be the best guitar-buying experience you’ve ever had.
And please, don’t be hesitate to contact us if you have any question. 


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Notice For All Buyers:
Thank you for your attention. Here are something you might want to know about this guitar.

1. This guitar is available in both right handed and left handed version. Even it is not showing in lefty version, we still able to customize this guitar in left handed for you. You just have to tell us when you place the order.

2. If you want to place the order, just send us email, we will help you to place your customize order.

Follow me to see how much we already done for you and some thing you should know.

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User Comment
Anonymous user

5 Star Rating: Recommended

I would like to know the price plus shipping to the us with a floyd rose special.

Administrator, service Reply:
Please check with your email.

5 Star Rating: Recommended

What is the price of the cross sword ratt axe? Other sites have free shipping what is your policy?

Administrator, service Reply:
Dear Customer,

The cross sword guitar details has been sent to your email box.

Anonymous user

5 Star Rating: Recommended

i) Whats the price of a crossed sword WDM guitar
ii) Are the neck/body Charvel originals
iii) Can duncan design be upgraded
iv) Do you ship to Noway if case bought
Pål Selboe Valseth

Administrator, Stephanie Reply:
This is Stephanie, i am glad to serve you, and very very sorry for the late reply, i just found your comment, pls contact us using email, because we can reply you timely.
As for the price of the Warren DeMartini Crossed Swords Guitar and further deatils, we have send it to your email box, pls check it there.

Anonymous user

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Hello, This is James West. You were kind enough to give me an estimate on a guitar last week. I look forward to having that guitar made. I do have a guitar in mind I would love to have built first. Warren DeMartini also plays the same platform as the crossed swords guitar. The only difference is the guitar is whit with a red bulls eye.
It has the same maple neck and hardware all in black. I know you have seen it before. What would you charge to build that guitar for me? Thank you so much:)
Sincerely. James

Administrator, admin Reply:

You know we are a guitar custom shop, we can make the guitar for you, pls check your email box for the details.

Kind regards
Anonymous user

0 Star Rating: Recommended

Interested in this guitar but without the paint job. I would prefer the natural wood. Thoughts?


Administrator, Stephanie Reply:

Glad to serve you, sorry for the late reply. We have already answered your question, pls check your email box.

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